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Gratis Introductie Yogasessie Gentse Feesten

Schrijf je in voor een gratis introductie Yogasessie!

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Image by Ginny Rose Stewart
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Chanting, Meaning and Introduction to Yoga Philosophy with Lakshmisha Bhat 
Saturday 25 February 2023
3.30pm - 5pm

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Bringing Mysore Magic home.

We are honored to host Lakshmisha Bhat at Ashtanga Mysore Gent, where he will be sharing his in-depth knowledge on Yoga philosophy.


The lecture will include:

  • Chanting of certain mantras and understanding their meaning and history

  • The exploration of some common philosophy-related questions, and discuss their answers together. 


This is a unique opportunity to meet and study with a genuine Indian scholar, with an amazing depth of knowledge. This lecture will give you a better understanding of the vast lore of yogic scriptures, and how they relate to your yoga practice on a practical level.


Price: 35 euro



About Lakshmisha 

Born into a humble Brahmin family in a village called Madageri near Gokarna, Lakshmisha Bhat has been associated with Guruji Sharath Jois for close to two decades.

Keen on learning Ashtanga Yoga, Lakshmisha undertook yoga asana practice under Guruji Sharath Jois. In the meantime, he also received the Vidwan title from the Sanskrit College in Advaita Vedanta philosophy and completed his master’s degree in Sanskrit from Mysore University in 2006.

Upon Guruji Sharath Jois’s request that Lakshmisha starts teaching Sanskrit and yoga-related theory to the increasing number of yoga students who come to KPJAYI for yogic knowledge, Lakshmisha joined the shala as a teacher of Sanskrit, chanting and yoga-related theory in the year 2003.

Lakshmisha has so far taught hundreds of yoga aspirants. He believes yoga is incomplete without the right understanding of the theory and strives to impart that knowledge to everyone who comes seeking for it.

This is an event from VZW Blanchasana - RPR Gent - Ondernemings nr. 0794.425.743



Starten met Ashtanga Mysore 

Zondag 22 en 29 januari


Inclusief 6 Mysore sessies

Tijdens deze twee workshop leer je de basis om van start te gaan met het ochtend 'Ashtanga Mysore' programma. 

De ademhaling, het gebruik van de 'bandha's', zonnegroet A en zonnegroet B, het samenbrengen van adem en beweging (vinyasa), de eerste staande houdingen en een aantal afsluitende houdingen komen aan bod. 

Na deze workshop kan je met een zelfzeker gevoel starten met het ochtend programma. Tijdens een sessie Mysore beoefenen beginners en gevorderden, zij aan zij, de Ashtanga reeks yogahoudingen. 

 Zet het nieuwe jaar in met een mooi cadeau aan jezelf!

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7u30 Aankomst

8u Ashtanga Led Class 

9u30 Relaxatie met live muziek

9u45 Thee & Koffie 

10u30 Zweethut

13u Soep

Meer info en inschrijven



Ashtanga Mysore Gent will remain closed 25 and 26 december & 1 january.

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